Hypnotherapy as therapy

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective talking therapies available. It’s not magic – it’s much simpler than that.

The vast majority of what controls your life is held in your subconscious mind. Because it’s there you can’t easily access it to change what you believe, feel, fear or desire.

Through hypnosis you can reach your subconscious mind and make the life-changing adjustments you want.

Build confidence and self esteem
I am sure there are times when you want to be absolutely at your best but you are worried that it’s just not going to work out as you’d like.

You might be giving a presentation, going to a special event, perhaps it’s your big chance to impress someone at a party or maybe it’s your wedding?

Maybe it’s not a specific event? I wonder if you have an everyday feeling of low self esteem and you really have had enough of it?

I would love to work with you to help you be the best you can be, whether it’s for a one-off event or your experience of day-to-day life.

Picture the scene…

You feel in control of yourself and your environment: you are confident.
You impress those around you: they like what they hear and what they see.
You like what you say and how you look: you are justifiably proud of yourself.
You are relaxed and easy: you are calm and composed.

That’s the YOU we shall see after we’ve worked together.

Tackle your phobias and anxieties

You may be living your life in a constant state of stress management. Your everyday decisions are determined by how you are going to avoid a dreaded situation or occurrence. It might be fear of flying, exams, your driving test, or, perhaps it’s a phobia of some kind or maybe its panic that attacks you?

You may have given up explaining your phobia or anxiety to people – you worry that they won’t understand, or even want to try to understand.

You may believe that the very fear or anxiety that so overwhelms you might be irrational (just as people often tell you), but it is still real to you and you simply cannot rid yourself of it.

Let me assure you that:

  • I shall listen to what you are going through; I won’t judge you; I won’t tell you that you are wrong; you will feel from the outset that I am completely on your side.

  • We shall spend some time talking about what you are feeling, exploring it, getting to understand it and being able to describe it

  • You will be able to say in even greater detail what it is that you want to feel, how you want to be and how you want to lead your life
  • We shall devise a plan for achieving your desired emotional state, and how you want to live your life
  • We shall alter your subconscious mind’s view of the world so that you can perceive it in a way that is healthy for you – and for the people you love

Working together we can eliminate your phobias and anxieties – and welcome your new life with optimism and enthusiasm.

Maximise your performance

Maximise your performance, at work and play

You want to be very good at what you do. You may train really hard. You may prepare for an event or match with every practical detail taken into account. You fear that when it comes to the crunch it won’t always work out as you’d hoped – you try your hardest but it doesn’t quite happen for you. It’s so frustrating.

When we work together to maximise your performance we shall build an overwhelming sense of certainty in your mind – the critical extra competitive edge.

We shall develop a profound understanding of three key areas:

  • What you can learn from your experiences and those of others
  • The influence those around you will have on your performance – your opposition, the audience, your supporters
  • What you believe will happen – not what you hope or fear will happen

By fully understanding these issues we can start to work out how to ensure your frame of mind is utterly geared up for success.

Armed with these cognitive insights we shall build your sub-conscious belief system into one which expects to be great and intends to succeed.

Fix your sleep problems

Problems with sleeping?

Waking up from a good night’s sleep feeling refreshed and alive is wonderful. When it doesn’t happen it makes the day ahead seem very long and tiring, and the pressures of life can be overwhelming.

When every night is a bad night, life begins to feel as though it’s almost too hard to manage.

The trouble is that trying to get a good night’s sleep is almost guaranteed to ensure it doesn’t happen.

When we work together we shall devise a plan which addresses your whole life, what you find enjoyable, what’s difficult, what you do and when you do it. I’m sure that by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle you will be able to build the foundations for healthy, refreshing sleep.

Through hypnosis (the term ‘hypnos’ is Greek for sleep) we can turn your belief about sleep into one which is centred around relaxation and rest, and away from its current view which I’m guessing is more about stress, worry and tension.

By helping you to recover the ability to go to sleep and getting back that restful mind-set you will find the very thought of sleep a pleasure in itself.

Manage your pain, physical & emotional

Dealing with constant pain is so tiring; it’s completely draining. It makes dealing with everyday life so much more difficult than it should be.

Another problem with pain is that the people around you, whether at work or home, can begin to lose interest. You might well want to say how it feels for you but you are worried that people will get bored, or just not know what to say in response.

You want to get on with your life, you want to go places, but you are always held back by the ‘albatross around your neck’ – the pain that you feel and cannot lose.

Pain, whether it’s physical or emotional, can be reduced and ultimately eliminated. We can do this through the power of our minds.

When you work with me to take away your pain we shall focus on the exact nature of what you are feeling. We shall acknowledge it’s there and understand why it’s there. We will redirect all the energy that is currently exhausted in feeling and managing your pain to much better use – to support your healthy and positive lifestyle.

Lose weight

You are probably an expert in the business of losing weight. You may know the pros and cons of all manner of ways to lose weight, including the variety of different diets, what kinds of exercise burns off what kind of fat. You are probably an expert on what physical or dietary regime costs what amount of money. If you are looking at this page, however, all that expertise is not making the difference you want.

You may have reached the point of not being sure that you can ever achieve how you want to look or feel. After a certain number of attempts to lose weight even the most determined of people do begin to lose heart.

Don’t lose heart. We can crack it. We really can.

Tackling weight loss needs a well thought-through strategy. It doesn’t just happen.

You need to:

  • Know yourself – what you like, what you’re like, what is likely to happen down the line when the going gets tough
  • Recognise that losing weight too fast may speed up its return
  • Change the way you think and feel about what you consume
  • Know that people want you to succeed and are ready to cheer you on through the highs and lows of it all

I’m sure that if we work together on this, you can achieve what you want – I’m truly convinced of it.

Give up smoking

I guess you know as much about smoking as anyone else. You’ll know how difficult it is to give up completely because you will have tried before – probably many times.

Do you know why you have failed to give up before now? It’s really important to understand this to make sure you avoid the pitfalls and build a strong platform for the life you want to lead without cigarettes.

I’m guessing that smoking is so much part of your life you can’t imagine how you would manage without it – whether that be at work, at home or when out enjoying yourself. To give up smoking you will need to make changes to your life – without those changes giving up tobacco is just not going to happen.

As well as making some key lifestyle changes if we can make some major changes in your subconscious mind to how you see yourself and smoking, we can turn off your body’s and mind’s desire for cigarettes altogether.

Why not give it one more go? This time though, let’s do it with all the weapons at your disposal – they are all in your mind and all within easy reach.

Hypnotherapy and cancer

Many people with cancer have talked to me about their feelings and how difficult it is to truly express them and how difficult it is to find anyone to truly listen.

Despair, depression, powerlessness, isolation, guilt, anxiety, fear – when you want to be strong these are often the feelings that are making you weak.

I also get the sense that when you have cancer you don’t just have to cope with your own overwhelming emotions, you have to look after the feelings of everyone around you – your family, your friends and the army of people whose job it is to care for you.

It’s not just emotions – with the exhausting feelings that you may well be experiencing come all the physical symptoms too – whether they be resulting directly from the disease or the medication you are taking to tackle it.

Hypnotherapy helps many people with cancer and I really hope it will help you too.

People tell me that it’s so important to be able to find a period of time away from all the pressures, anxieties and fears that accompany their life with cancer.

Through hypnosis I can help you relax and rest, and enable you to reach a calm and peaceful state – that state is in your mind, right where you need it to be.

I am sure that your health professionals are always emphasising how important it is to have a positive psychological outlook – hypnotherapy is brilliant at helping you achieve just that.