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Manage your pain - physical & emotional

Dealing with constant pain is so tiring. It’s completely draining. It makes dealing with everyday life so much more difficult than it should be.

Another problem with pain is that the people around you, whether at work or home, can begin to lose interest in you. You might well want to say how it feels for you but you are worried that people will get bored, or just not know what to say in response.

You want to get on with your life, you want to go places, but you are always held back by the ‘albatross around your neck’ – the pain that you feel and cannot lose.

Pain, whether it’s physical or emotional, can be reduced and ultimately eliminated. We can do this through the power of our minds.

When you work with me to take away your pain we shall focus on the exact nature of what you are feeling, we shall acknowledge it’s there and understand why it’s there. We will use all the energy that is used up in feeling that pain and managing it for positive uses – uses that will help you grow and flourish.

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What is hypnotherapy? How does it work? Do I go under? Can everyone be hypnotised?

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