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Tackle your phobias and anxieties

You may be living your life in a constant state of stress management. Your everyday decisions are determined by how you are going to avoid a dreaded situation or occurrence. It might be fear of flying, exams, your driving test, or, perhaps it’s a phobia of some kind or maybe its panic that attacks you?

You may have given up explaining your phobia or anxiety to people – you worry that they won’t understand, or even want to try to understand.

You may believe that the very fear or anxiety that so overwhelms you might be irrational (just as people often tell you), but it is still real to you and you simply cannot rid yourself of it.

Let me assure you that:

  • I shall listen to what you are going through, I won’t judge you, I won’t tell you that you are wrong, you will feel from the outset that I am completely on your side
  • We shall spend some time talking about what you are feeling, exploring it, getting to understand it and being able to describe it
  • You will be able to say in even greater detail what it is that you want to feel, how you want to be and how you want to lead your life
  • We shall devise a plan for achieving your desired emotional state, and how you want to live your life
  • We shall alter your sub-conscious mind’s view of the world so that you can perceive it in a way that is healthy for you – and for the people you love
    • Working together we can eliminate your phobias and anxieties – and welcome your new life with optimism and enthusiasm.

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What is hypnotherapy? How does it work? Do I go under? Can everyone be hypnotised?

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