Presenting with Impact

We often have to give presentations, whether it is in a small and informal setting, an interview, a team meeting, or a large public event. It might be for work or, just as likely, a social event in a club, or at church, or a celebration.

I know that being in the spotlight can be nerve-wracking. I also know that it’s often the case that all the preparation can go out of the window when it comes to the critical moment.

The trouble is that much of the preparation time has been spent trying to overcome the negative thoughts and feelings about the forthcoming event rather than investing all one’s energy into success.

Here’s another thought – most people spend all their time preparing a presentation that simply conforms to those that other people do – the usual slides, the same old approach and delivery. Your audience wants to hear from you – they want to know what you are like not what everyone else is like. You are the star on this special occasion.

My clients tell me that after working with me their presentations have been the best they’ve ever done. That’s great feedback and I want you to have exactly the same experience.

When we spend time together, discussing and practising techniques, we shall focus our energy on the simple fact – that you are great. You have the opportunity to demonstrate just how amazing you are – every single member of your audience is so lucky to have you come to talk to them.

We shall reach the same conclusions – that, on the day, your performance will show you at your best, that every aspect of yourself which you want to reveal will be on show, and that you will enjoy taking centre stage.

For you to present with impact we need to get three key ingredients just right:

  • Making the most of yourself
    You have skills, abilities, experiences to draw upon. Much more important than those is you – you, the person. You are your major asset: your appearance, demeanour, presence. We shall spend plenty of time bringing out your very essence.
  • Making the most of your material
    How many presentations have you witnessed where there is so much material, and delivered in such a jumbled way, that you simply cannot hear or see it? We shall pinpoint what you have that your audience wants to know and how best to get that across.
  • Understanding your audience
    Every single person in your audience is important. Each one has needs, interests and preferences. We need to think about each person so that your presentation is geared up to have maximum impact. Every member of your audience will remember you and what you said – you will make a lasting impression.

I can offer a tailored one to one session. I am also very happy to provide training for small groups.

Our focus won’t be on Power Point – it will be on you!