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You can relax right now

The importance of relaxation

If you take a few minutes to search for the benefits of relaxation you will very quickly find out how important it is to unwind properly.

Relaxation calms your heart, reduces blood pressure, slows down your breathing rate, increases oxygen to your brain and muscles and greatly decreases muscle stress and tension.

The benefits are amazing … more energy, better and more refreshing sleep, enhanced immunity, clearer thinking and increased concentration, mood stability, less pain and discomfort – to name just a few.

Despite the clear-cut evidence that relaxation is an ‘essential’ to feel very well we treat it as a ‘desirable’ and only a tiny minority of us find the time and opportunity to relax properly.

Hypnotherapy is all about relaxation – it is only by allowing your body, and in particular your conscious mind to take some time off from its usual hard day’s work that your sub-conscious mind becomes accessible to you so that you can make changes in your life and how you feel about it.

Please do come and join me today and just take a few minutes to relax and put to one side any pressures, strains and demands that you may have in your everyday life.

In preparation

• Find a chair that is as comfortable as possible – is it supportive to your back, neck and head?
• Make sure you are comfortable – find a position that ensures you won’t feel restless after a few minutes.
• Check your clothes are not too constraining – especially your shoes – in fact why not take your shoes off?
• Put your phone out of commission – eliminate any possible distractions and interruptions.
• If you are near people tell them you need a few minutes quiet.

OK – cllick on the player below and get a sense of what it would be like to be my client. It will take just twenty minutes of your day – it’s worth it.

I recommend you use head phones.

I look forward to spending some time with you.

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