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I have attended Meredith’s practice for some help with a couple of issues. Primarily I wanted help to achieve my goal of living more healthily (and thereby losing weight ) and secondly to help me prioritise and set goals to look after myself better.

These two objectives go hand in hand but I needed guidance from Meredith to talk through things, and with prompting from him, was able to address the poor eating habits and quickly put into place a healthier way of thinking about food and exercise. I lost 19 kilos which is great and now feel so much healthier. I walk and exercise so much more now than I have ever done before and I feel much happier. I have tried dieting before, attending Weight Watchers and Slimming World meetings but found each time that I became obsessed with recipes and food and that the recipes did not really  work very well with family life. Talking to Meredith has resulted in a big life style shift of emphasis and I really feel much better and no longer fixated on calories counting. For me, hypnotherapy has really helped me achieve my goals and I’m very grateful to Meredith for his skill and expertise.
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Driving to my 1st appointment with Meredith I was anxious and fearful. I doubted anyone could help me, but, I knew I had to try. Within minutes of meeting Meredith he made me feel at ease, I felt safe. On our 2nd appointment I knew Meredith totally “got me”.

He is professional and highly skilled but also compassionate and very kind. Meredith helped me to like myself again, to find joy and happiness. I thoroughly recommend Meredith, he is simply the BEST.
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I have known Meredith for some years and in those years have gone through some very testing times with regard to health issues-both mental and physical. I have found him to be a very calming and reassuring influence, a port in a storm.

He has given me confidence to cope with some very difficult problems and too, given me coping strategies when times are hard.

I can be a person with very low self esteem but am learning to address this part of my nature and, as a consequence to go through everyday life, whatever it throws at me, feeling better about myself and more confident about the future.

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I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MV: I found our sessions not only really enjoyable but also highly effective.

After MV’s initial thorough information gathering, positive results came very quickly and with no

apparent effort on my part. I couldn’t believe how easy it all was.

I was extremely impressed by the professional way in which MV retained and used the knowledge I gave him about my difficulties, my interests and what drives me. He created genuinely tailor-made therapeutic.

The benefits have been even wider-ranging than I expected beforehand. Thanks to the transferable skills MV gave me, I’ve increased my resilience in many other areas, too.

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When I first went to see Meredith, I was somewhat dubious as to whether hypnotherapy would be effective in changing my behaviour which was having a detrimental effect on my personal relationships.

After four visits with Meredith, I felt so much more positive about my ability to change for the better. Whether this was down to the hypnotherapy and/or due to Meredith’s patient, positive and empathetic approach, I cannot be certain, but I am now very glad that I went to see him!
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Felt more positive

Having my sessions with Meredith never really felt like I was in counselling, but just chatting with a good friend. Meredith has an aura, making you feel relaxed, he has a way with people and is therefore

the perfect person for this job. I would recommend him to anyone who is concerned about seeing a “Counsellor”, for the first time, or had a bad experience with a previous one, as he is unique. He is very experienced and that is obvious.

Thank you Meredith, I’m sad you’re leaving your current practice in London and I wish you the best of luck in your new one. Your new clients will be very lucky to have you.

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Hypnotherapy help change behaviour

Meredith is an extremely compassionate and kind man,who inspires trust,and who cares deeply about the well-being of his clients. If you are terminally prone to tetchiness,self-criticism, descending spirals

of lacerating self-destructive thought,it is a good learning experience to sit with Meredith as he enables you to just sit with those feelings,to learn that the sky is not going to fall in over your head. And that you can in fact relax and go beyond them.
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Benefited from Counselling

When I was going through a difficult time in my life, Meredith was the only person I could talk to honestly and without fear of judgment. I found him incredibly perceptive and he helped me to better articulate what

were incoherent issues in my head. I had lost my self-confidence and was questioning my decisions; Meredith’s reassurance reminded me that I am able to analyse and work through these issues with strength and slowly my confidence and ability to tackle life’s challenges returned.
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Increased self confidence